Hi there, I’m maisy.

As of today, I am officially departing the wider Internet. This is something I had been planning for quite some time now - and is based on a number of factors, but primarily to do with consistent real-life harassment based on my online identity.

What’s going to happen to your projects?

Closing thoughts

It’s rather disappointing that things had to end this way, and as difficult as it is to make this choice, it will ultimately result in the improvement of my mental health, my grades, and my life as a whole.

To those who took it upon themselves to stalk me online, and make fun of me for who I wanted to be; congratulations, you won, have a gold star.

To the many comparatively wonderful people I met during my time online, thank you for being there for me - you rock.

If you’d like to read the small number of posts on my blog, they will remain here:

The Room of Rain - 2023-11-18
Solving the Bottleneck - 2023-12-19

Lastly, you should check out some of these lovely people:

So long, thank you, and I love you.

- maisy