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The Room of Rain
A brief description of the very blog you're looking at right now!testing, rambling

Hey there!

Is this thing on?

Welcome to my rainy place.

How’s it work?

The majority of the work is done by Astro’s amazing support for Markdown. I iterate over every post (obtained via Astro.glob), and map their frontmatter to an Astro component, PostCard - you can see this in the header!

Since these posts are also marked as pages, they are instantly accessible by URL, so I can simply use their url property to create a standard HTML link element in the PostCard component. This gives the impression that the cards navigate to the post when clicked.

You can also view The Room of Rain in your favourite RSS reader, once again thanks to Astro. This is achieved using a route that serves data - in this case, an RSS feed generated via import.meta.glob and @astrojs/rss. Truly amazing!

Will you actually use it this time?

tumbleweed rolls past my original blog

Yes! Hopefully! There have been many cases lately where I have thought “man, I could totally write something about this”, which is promising. I suppose the fact that this initial post is so detailed is a good sign, too.